Body Transformations

Check out the best celebrity body transformations where your favourite hollywood talents add muscle and lose fat, starring in some of the worlds biggest tv shows and movies!

You can check out Will Cozens on YouTube and TikTok where his fresh takes go viral, now reaching over 50 million!

Check out the full directory of Body Transformation videos on YouTube and YouTube Shorts below:

Body Transformation (YouTube Full Video Links)
Body Transformation (YouTube Shorts Video Links)

Check out Will Cozens on YouTube and TikTok!


If you want to build muscle and lose fat, I’ve put together some awesome programs so you too can get in your best shape!

Check out Will Cozens on YouTube and TikTok for his fresh take on entertainment, fitness, films and more!

Hollywood Movie Star Program

A great program you can do anywhere, anytime – utilising the power of Bodyweight and Light Dumbbells

Hollywood Movie Star Program

Fight Club Program

The legendary physique Brad Pitt rocks in the classic film, ‘Fight Club‘. Train and eat like Brad Pitt to rock that lean, muscular, movie star look!

Get the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout and Diet!

VIP Program (Custom)

Get a Custom 4 Week PDF!

A tailor made program, just for you with your personal workout program and nutritional protocols to get in your best shape yet.

For more on getting in your best shape, check out Will Cozens on YouTube and TikTok!